Roof & Attic Ventilation Installation

Image showing roof ridge vent installation.

Properly working roof ventilation systems allow a continual flow of air into and out of the attic, which ensures the efficiency of the insulation and helps regulate temperatures in your home’s living space — and reduce your home energy bills.

Better Roofs offers you services for the two primary roof ventilation systems:

Roof ridge vent repair & installation

Continuous ridge vents working in tandem with continuos soffit vents comprise the best roof ventilation system for your home. Full ventilation creates air flow from the eave all the way to the ridge of your roof., and uses natural hot air convection in a no-maintenance, non-equipment solution. This natural convection draws in cool, dry air at the soffit, while pushing hot, moist air out at the ridge.

Better Roofs is licensed to inspect, repair, or replace all elements involved in this cooling/heating exchange.

Roof ventilator fan installation & replacement

Power roof ventilators are best used for difficult ventilation areas where ridge and soffit ventilation cannot work effectively. This includes hip-style roofs that cannot be properly vented with ridge vents, and shed-style roofs, where ridge vents cannot be installed at all.

Under these less-than-ideal conditions, roof ventilator fans still offer many benefits, including reduced energy costs, minimized heat and moisture damage to your roof and attic, and increased indoor comfort.

Better Roofs does not repair existing ventilator fans; instead we replace your old fan with today’s best models or provide new installation services.

We work as cleanly, quietly, and affordably as possible

This is your home — you live in it and have respect for your neighbors. We understand that we are a disruption to your everyday life, and we try our best to be good guests while at — and on! — your house.

Better Roofs assures you that we will always:

  • Protect your home’s walls, shrubs, trees, lawn, and landscaping
  • Arrive cleanly and professionally dressed
  • Work as quietly as possible, never using radios or shouting to each other
  • Keep debris in neat piles and remove it at day’s end (recycling what we can)
  • Do our very best to provide high quality workmanship & materials
  • Price fairly — never adjusting upwards due to neighborhood or perceived income

Ready to start your roof ventilation project?

For a free estimate, either complete the form to the right, or contact us today! We will arrange a convenient time to meet you at your home. Upon your approval, we will obtain all building permits required for the job by your township. You will find Better Roofs to be a no-pressure, dependable resource for all residential and commercial roofing needs.

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